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An Historical and Industrial Building built in the decade of 20 with function to generate energy for the whole Matarazzo Industrial Complex.

Today, the Cultural Association Casa das Caldeiras (ACCC), rescues its original function of Generating Energy for the arts and the society. A dynamic center of energetic fusion of artistic, social and cultural activities, a fertile land for artists, researchers, civil society, public and private institutions, producing new perspectives of performance and cultural development in Brazil.

The ACCC develops its projects in partnership with public and private institutions, international and consular political instances, in network and in cooperation with other spaces in the External. ACCC stimulates in Brazil initiatives and reflections about rehabilitation of historical spaces and its cultural reusable.


Casa das Caldeiras has been working with cultural actions in its space for more than 7 years. This work began with a call by the artists and the public, passionate for the building, which represents an industrial heritage – entirely restored during the years 1998 and 1999 – and it carries with itself the memory of the city and its industrial development.

Among the years of 2002 and 2006, Casa das Caldeiras sheltered and developed projects of artistic experimentation within the space, mostly site-specific projects for performing arts, visual arts and circus. There were  courses, forums of cultural discussions, workshops, presentations, rehearsals, concept events, informal chats, among other activities explored at the unusual and historical context that the space offers.

In the beginning of 2007, Karina Saccomanno Ferreira, Casa das Caldeiras director, associated to the project director Joel Borges develop a cultural and intelectual project for ACCC, in order to start a formal project that could be developed in the following years in the area of humanities.



ACCC has its bases in the Promotion and Cultural Development of the Heritage building. For that it elaborated a three-years work plan that began on 2008 with a dynamic project of artistic and cultural ocupation, opened to contemporary researches, in the field of arts and society. A project that has already multiplied and reverberated in the following years, reflecting in the cultural and social actions, creating possibilities of transformations in what its concerned the Cultural Inclusion and Artistic Production in Brazil.

Today, ACCC is a privileged partner to elaborate and accomplish Projects of Cooperation (artistic exchanges and cultural development).

For having the building thirst tumbled by CONDEPHAAT (Brazilian Heritage Council) and being honored by the city (during the 100’s celebration of its neighborhood), as an Historical Heritage and for keeping the collective memory of the city, the ACCC develops all its projects in a traverse way around the themes: ART – TERRITORY – HERITAGE.

ACCC works through 3 main programs that dialogues between themselves :

PROGRAMA OBRAS EM CONSTRUÇÃO (ONGOING ART WORK PROGRAM): Artistic residence, Projects of Artistic Production and Cultural Exchange. There is call for projects every year, on february, and ACCC chooses the projects that better suite to its view and dialogues with the building in all senses.

PROGRAMA RESPEITO (RESPECT PROGRAM): Projects of Social Education Actions and Cultural Exchange.

PROGRAMA TODODOMINGO (EVERYSUNDAY PROGRAM): an opportunity for the general public to know the heritage building and its history and get in contact with other organizations, emergent artists and the great diversity of brazilian mixed contemporary culture.


The work of international cooperation conducted by ACCC opens a dialogue for exchanges among artists, researchers, cultural agents, intermediate spaces and public. This axis work allows the development of autonomous projects and the artist´s circulation and their works besides the national borders.


The Casa das Caldeiras is the first space of Latin America to be official Member of the European Network of Cultural Centers and Historical Monuments (ACCR), member of the International Network Artfactories and of the Organisation Free Dimensional network. ACCC also participates at the AECID exchange program for artistic residence RESIDENCIAS_EN_RED.

ACCC is developing a partnership between Casa das Caldeiras (CCR Brasil) and Chartreuse Lez Avignon (CCR France), also with Hangar (Barcelona) and Santa Fé Art Institut (New México), creating possibilities for exchange between artists and researchers between Brazil and abroad.

For further informations :

Casa das Caldeiras : Space for artistic and cultural dynamics

Avenida Francisco Matarazzo 2000 Agua Branca CEP 05001-200 São Paulo SP Brazil

Phone/Fax: 55 (11) 38736696


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