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“Working with artists from different parts of the world was an extraordinary experience. Through their videos, they presented unique perspectives on the cultural and social aspects of São Paulo, and I’m glad to have worked on the music and sound for some of their projects. I look forward for TrafficJam experience to be repeated in … Continue reading

| Mounting the exhibition @ Matilha |

Mounting the exhibition @ Matilha. Photos by Kim.

| Beat Generation Brasil – Traffic Jam#1| VIDEO

Beat Generation Brasil – Traffic Jam [Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoKnHlXNX9Y%5D Traffic Jam#1 Evento reune 10 artistas internacionais para participar de processo colaborativo e realizar projeto em vídeo em São Paulo

| Performance | VIDEO

http://vimeo.com/17404909 ESPAÇO MATILHA CULTURAL ABERTURA 01 DE DEZEMBRO, 2010 Performance Music by Paulo Gallian Dance by Leticia Sekito Origami by Sojin Chun Pixel projection by Jorge Lozano

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berlin-sao paulo 2010 M. Roth, Sao Paulo, 2010


  My alarm clock is the sound of drilling pavement in between, yelling construction men, the angelic sound of birds chirping, barking dogs, and traffic jams.  All these sounds compete for dominance.  Though this morning I felt slightly annoyed by the construction outside my window, in 3 weeks I will remember fondly my time in … Continue reading


| “QUIERO JUGAR” | Documentation photos while shooting “quiero jugar”. camera jorge lonzano

| DownSide UP SideDown |

click image to watch video. While walking in Sao Paulo I could not helped but to notice the strong resemblance of the pixação writings on the buildings to hieroglyphic text. The city looked to me like an urban manuscript. DownSide UP SideDown recreates the excitement, vertigo and challenges of the acrobatic Pixadores of Sao Paulo. … Continue reading

The Pub

TrafficJam @ a Brazilian Pub

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