Jorge Lozano_Colombia/Canada

photo by Pila

Traffic Jam #1 Proposal

While walking in Sao Paulo I could not helped but to notice the strong resemblance of the pixação writings on the buildings to hieroglyphic text. The city looked to me like an urban manuscript. DownSide UP SideDown recreates the excitement, vertigo and challenges of the acrobatic Pixadores of Sao Paulo. I decide to create my own video Pichelção by recording parts of SP, using a spinning and flying video camera to capture the city in rhythmic fragmentations caused by the random and unexpected recordings.

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Jorge has been working as a film and video artist for the last 20 years and have achieved national and international recognition. His fiction films have been exhibited at the Toronto Film Festival and at the Sundance Film Festival amongst others. His experimental work has been exhibited at many international festivals and galleriesHe has  expanded his practice to the organization of many cultural and art events, the creation of aluCine, Toronto Latin Media Festival and facilitating self-representations video workshops for marginalized Latin and non- Latin youth in Canada since 199,1 Colombia 2005-2009 and Venezuela 2005. Distributed by V TAPE:

Jorge Lozano atua como cineasta e video-artista há mais de 20 anos e éreconhecido nacional e internacionalmente. Seus filmes de ficção foram exibidos no Festival de Cinema de Toronto e no Festival Sundance deCinema. Seus trabalhos experimentais foram exibidos em vários festivais e galerias. Ele tem expandido sua experiência com aorganização de eventos culturais e artísticos, a criação do aluCine,Toronto Latin Film & Media Arts Festival e facilitando auto-representações em oficinas de vídeo para jovens marginalizados latinos e não-latinos no Canadá desde 1991, Colômbia 2005-2009 e Venezuela 2005. Seus trabalhos são distribuídos por V TAPE:

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