Matthias Roth_Germany

Traffic Jam #1 Proposal

| play!map | berlin-sao paulo 2010

Draw a mental map of your city. Point the places which are or have been
important in your life on a map. Where are you living? Where you like to
watch the sunset and the stars? Where do meet your friends and have
Take this map as a layer on a city you are traveling and visit the
places you pointed before. Explore the city by giving the places a new
personal meaning and visualize or write about what are you found.
Every space is public! play!map

M. Roth, Sao Paulo, 2010

born for revolution on may 1st, 1970. Roth is living in Berlin, studied
at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany and the University of Lapland,
He works on work, socially madness and the culture of remembrance using
photography, video, new media and found footage.
The works created during Roth’s restless travelling are directed against
enthnocentrism and the hegemony of mass media. His work is characterized
by the demystifying of the Spectacle.

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