Pila Rusjan_Slovenia

Elisa, 5 (single-channel, 5 minutes long)

Traffic Jam #1 Proposal

Elisa, 5 is a video about the homeless problem in Sao Paulo. It has been filmed in the last days before 1000 people were thrown out on the street from an occupied building. Most of those were first deloged by the mayor, from a ‘favela’ outside the city. That is when they occupied a building in the center of the city and were thrown back on the street two months later, even though the building has been empty for twelve years. This short video is about a girl, who ends up out on the street on her 5th birthday.

photo by Pila

Pila Rusjan 1984, Slovenia. Graduated from digital arts and practices at School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Working in fields of video art, videofilm, performance and installation. Travels and residences include: Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Great Brittain, Kyrgyzstan, Brasil. Contemporary art festivals (selection): City of Women (SLO), Sarajevo Winter (BH), AKTO (MK), Student Triennale (TUR).

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